Pet peeves

A motley list of things I dislike:

1. Ranch dressing

2. Celery

3. Most cats

4. Seeing people humiliated in public

5. Lukewarm coffee

6. A shower during which the water turns cold halfway through. One or the other, please.

7. Barbeque sauce or ketchup around my fingernails

8. People who can’t just say, “I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

9. Listening to twelve-year-olds talk on their cellphones

10. People talking on their Bluetooths.

11. People who wear sunglasses indoors

12. Sometimes feeling powerless to help people 

13. Old food left in the fridge to grow mold

14. Not being able to get a tan because my skin is so fair 

15. The movie Serendipity because it represents how myths of an ideal romance warp our perception of healthy relationships

16. Placing rules above people’s needs

17. My deviated septum. Thanks for the super genes, Mom!

18. Having to carry my cell phone in my front pocket.

19. Dreaming during the night about all the crap I’ve got to take care of the next day.

20. Sand in my mouth.

21. Throwing food out because it spoiled before I had an opportunity to eat it.

22. Pornography.

23. Hurting people’s feeling, especially when I was trying to make them laugh.

24. Showing my teeth when I’m asked to smile for pictures.

25. “Mayonnaise mouth” >> saliva that builds in the corners of some people’s mouths when they speak at length

26. Going days and weeks without spending time by myself in intentional solitude with God

27. Small talk >> I’d rather know about your first pet than your major in college but we have to start somewhere.

28. Seeing men mistreat women or children in any way

29. Miscellaneous trash in my car, especially used band-aids belonging to someone else

30. Unsophisticated bathroom humor

31. Bananas >> They make my throat swell.

32. Having to ask for help

33. Girls who dress so that their boobs are always hanging out.

34. Having water in my ears.

35. Hangnails.

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