Do you want me to ignore your email?

Kitten in a Frog CostumePut the word “Meeting” in the Subject line. Or, even better, why don’t you clarify? Instead of “Meeting,” try a more precise word or phrase: “boring,”  “waste of time,” or “mind-numbing recitation of stale information.”

Also, if I see “Fwd:” in the Subject line, I delete the email immediately—without opening it. A child in North Dakota may die of a rare form of cancer because I didn’t send it to 157 of my friends, but guess what? I’ll never know about it.

Or how about “(no subject).” The sender was too lazy to even pay the respect of summarizing the contents.

Or “Statement” as in “Credit Card Statement” or “Your Online Banking Statement is ready to be viewed.” No, I think I’ll go lock myself in the closet and cry instead. Does the IRS accept indentured servitude?

Or, “Oops!” You know that the last email you received from that person didn’t include the information that justified the email in the first place. Remind me not to let my kids play at your house.

If the email’s subject line or body contains the phrase “cuddly critters” or pictures of fluffy kittens in frog costumes, then I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

Have I forgotten anything? Can you think of words in subject lines that make you cringe?

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