Don’t make your pony out to be a Clydesdale

indiana jones satchelEarly this afternoon, I saw something that made me happy. Obviously, someone at Delta read my diatribe, “Why men should carry purses,” recognized the good sense of what I was saying, and changed the verbiage on all the corporate signage.

At one of the Delta gate kiosks in the Knoxville airport, I read a signed that described acceptable carry-on items. Each passenger is allowed one personal item and one carry-on 22″x 14″x 9.”

One of the approved items was a “male/female purse.”

Notice that Delta didn’t use the term “man bag” or “satchel” or “European carry-all” or “chic handmade saddlebag briefcase with shoulder strap.” Delta doesn’t do many things well anymore, but they did use the words “male” and “purse” in a sentence. Kudos.

If it rides on your shoulder and it isn’t a parrot, then it’s a purse.

Don’t make your pony out to be a Clydesdale. Own it.

Men should carry purses proudly. Your briefcase makes you look like an IRS agent, and your bulging pockets make you look like a pervert. Stop trying to be Tom Sawyer and carry your gear in a combat-ready purse. I’ve got snacks in my purse right now. Do you have snacks in your pocket? Doubt it. You can’t argue with snacks.

Indiana Jones carries a purse.

Zach Galifianakis carries a purse.

Do you think you’re cooler than Indiana? Do you think you’re funnier than Zach? Men should carry purses. Thank you, Your Honor. I rest my case.



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