Do you ever have trouble finishing creative projects?

I’m twenty-eight years old, and I’m a writer. You might think that 250,000 hours is enough time to write several novels, plays, and epic poems.

Sorry. This is my first book—fifty-nine pages, a modest start.

It’s about overcoming inertia and meeting creative goals. How appropriate.

The problem with most artists is that they don’t do their art. They have knowledge and talk shop with other artists for hours. They own books about creativity and dozens of half-empty notebooks. They complain about not having enough time and feel guilty about not using their gifts, or they stop caring altogether.

I call all those unfinished art projects “Marthas.” That’s a nice way of saying “the last known living Passenger Pigeon that died in captivity and is now rotting slowly in the archives of the Smithsonian.” As you might have guessed, all the artists are “pigeon hunters.” The fun continues from there, and along with some more animal analogies, I share the seven ingredients for establishing a sustainable creative rhythm.

If you proactively pursue your art, you stand to gain a great deal of joy, and the world stands to gain a great deal of beauty. No one else can sing your song, and it may be just what someone needs to experience peace, hope, and freedom.

I hope you’ll download Melting Chocolate Kettles: 7 Ingredients for Meeting Creative Goals and share the book with your friends. Last time I talked to my designer, oh, about five minutes ago, it was available in PDF and iPad-friendly versions. A Kindle version is coming soon.

Did I mention that it’s free?

No strings attached. You don’t even have to give me your email address, though I’d love to get some feedback. Leave a comment below. Help me write another one.

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