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Taking Initiative: Learning “I’ll do it” and “I’m sorry”

This is a long post—one of my longest ever. I’m warning you up front because I want you to commit to reading the whole thing. Why? Because I share two of the most important lessons that I have ever learned, not just about taking initiative but about leading a deeply meaningful life. I thought about […]

Taking Initiative – There’s no such thing as job security

I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s book on taking initiative called Poke the Box. Godin’s thesis is straightforward: Depending on our stage of life, most of us learn to do just enough to avoid punishment, make the grade, or keep the job. We play by the rules. We wait in line. We respect authority. As long […]

Taking Initiative – Why I was never a star athelete

If you’re a star athlete, you won’t win the “Most Tenacious Defender” award. You’ll win MVP, or Highest Goal Percentage, or Most Rebounds. Stats will be your friend because they make you look good. Or perhaps you make the stats look good. I was not a standout athlete. The stats gave me buckteeth. My first […]