What to do with Christmas money

Perhaps you remember—but hopefully you don’t—back in February when Ellen DeGeneres put a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair up for auction on eBay. Complete with plexiglass box, Justin Bieber’s signature, and a letter of authenticity signed by Ellen, the auction closed with a final bid of $40,668. Proceeds benefitted The Gentle Barn, a charitable organization that provides a safe haven for abused animals and at-risk and special needs children.

Though our society’s adulation of celebrities disturbs me, I admire both Justin and Ellen for using their celebrity to do good.

I may not have Justin Bieber’s ability to cause fifteen-year-old girls to hyperventilate, but I can have his hair. If any of you received cash for Christmas or returned gifts and are wondering what to do with the money, then you can too.

Stop making excuses for your lusterless locks, buy your Justin Bieber wig, and start smooching Selena Gomez. Or, if that’s illegal, the Hollywood diva of your choice. Ana de la Reguera of Nacho Libre fame is underrated.

justin bieber wig

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