Pure genius

My genius as a child consisted not only of my proclivity for revolutionary ideas but also of my knack for identifying and nurturing the brilliant ideas of others.

When Will Burton came over to play and suggested that we throw all of my younger sister’s dolls into the Little Harpeth River, I knew he was onto something and put his idea into action immediately. We gathered up Laura’s dolls and tossed them into the creek one by one. They sank to the bottom. Ours was a shallow and slow-moving creek.

Satisfied that our work was done, we went back inside and were apprehended within seconds by my mom. She marched us right back outside and down to the creek where we waded in and retrieved the soaked and muddy dolls.

My sister wept, I got a spanking, and Will was sent home. He also received a spanking.

Sometimes, innovation comes at a cost—a Madame Alexander doll with soiled britches.

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