Breaking News: Peace Activist Careers available

Google bots read your emails and match the content with keywords that advertisers specified when they created their ads. Your Gmail account then shows the most “relevant” ads in the banner and sidebar. These ads are how Google generates mountains of cash.

This little beauty popped up recently, though I can’t remember discussing peace activist careers with anyone via email.

Can you make a career out of stripping naked and standing in front of tanks in the Gaza Strip? Is the term “Peace Activist Career” an oxymoron? As a career Peace Activist, wouldn’t you be working yourself out of a job every single time? Wouldn’t that make you a sort of mercenary without a gun, always looking for a war, conflict, or the next peacekeeping opportunity?

You’d be like a vulture who doesn’t wait for wounded animals to die before devouring them but instead lands beside them with medicine, rice, training in diplomacy, and Gandhi’s rhetoric.

Perhaps I’m the only one who finds any humor in the ad and thinks that it could appear only in the United States.

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