Cultural Differences

The other day, I was waiting in line at Regions. The North Broadway branch in Knoxville always provides a fascinating slice of Knoxville citizenry.

To my right, a substantial young woman was standing at a teller window with her toothless grandmother. The grandmother had a handkerchief on her head and stooped over her cane with both hands on top of it. She was coaching her granddaughter through the process of making a withdrawal from her account. It seemed to be the granddaughter’s first rodeo.

Neither woman had a purse over her shoulder.cultural differences

After the teller handed the granddaughter an envelope full of cash, she pulled out the front of her shirt and slid the envelope into her bra.


At that point I felt a bit embarrassed for watching.

Their business concluded, the duo walked out.

Maybe I should start keeping cash in my underwear. Do you think there’s a market for boxer briefs that double as a wallet?

Which name is the best? “Undy Fundy,” “Groin Purse,” “Balls ‘n Bills,” “Cash Drawers”?

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