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Honking versus Tooting

The other day I was waiting at a stoplight at the intersection of Union Avenue and Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. In the car in front of me, a woman was leaning over to her right doing something on the floorboard of the passenger side. Maybe she was looking for lip balm; maybe she was […]

Rivendell on I-40

I hereby submit this picture as evidence that we have reason to hope that there is still a place for Reason.

My shortest post ever

My older sister Elizabeth is pregnant. Yesterday, she went to see her ob/gyn, Dr. Storck. That is all.

Train ride to Budapest

If you missed the first part of this story—Käsekrainer—please read it now. Hunter and I were about halfway through our train ride to Budapest. We were very pleased with ourselves for making our train just before it pulled out of the Westbahnhof, and we’d even managed to eat lunch along the way. We’d made one […]

A Man's Pride

While in Key West, I got the worst sunburn you’ve ever seen while wearing sunscreen. You could feel heat pulsing out of me. I was the colored of steamed lobster.