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The Danger of Using Stereotypes

I spent Thanksgiving with my wife’s family in Indiana. Some of these fine Midwestern folk enjoy slipping in a joke or two about my Tennessee roots. Apparently, Southerners are racist, drink moonshine, and have crucial gaps in their education. In both the historic and more contemporary meanings of the word, Southerners aren’t “classy.” I’ve run […]

How to Spread a Rumor

Like hot wings and Nicholas Cage movies, rumors are most satisfying in small quantities. Spreading one successfully requires a keen understanding of human behavior and thoughtful timing. Creativity, believability, deliverability—these ingredients mingle to enhance a rumor’s inherent potential to spread and flourish. One must lay out enough concrete details. One must sprinkle enough sensationalist glitter […]

Extasy at Die Prater

In the fall of 2002, I was living and studying in Vienna, Austria. Like good American tourists in a European city, my classmates and I sought out the sites and attractions that the Wieners—think “people living in Vienna,” not “hotdogs”—rarely visited. Think of a museum or park in your hometown. How many times have you […]

Failed Prank

It happened either my freshman or sophomore year of college. I had driven to an area of Nashville called Bellevue to play kill my friends on Playstation 2. I sat waiting to turn left at a stoplight when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Perhaps fifty yards to my right, two […]

Scoring my first soccer goal

Few of my athletic achievements are worth mentioning, which I’ve mentioned several times over the past few weeks. My room wasn’t cluttered with trophies, ribbons, and medals. My favorite trophy was one that my dad took home after catching a 210-pound Warsaw grouper during a fishing derby in Florida. I did have a small, unimpressive […]

Illustrator Nate Creekmore on Overcoming Self-Doubt

Nate Creekmore is a gu.eber. One of my favorite memories from the year that we lived together at Royal Arms Apartments in Nashville happened while we were at Wild Oats buying some groceries. A soccer mom beamed up at Nate, who is 6’6” tall, and asked, “Do you play basketball?” Nate played in high school, […]

If you ever date more than one blond girl

If you ever date more than one girl with blond hair and blue eyes, even several years apart, be sure not to call the one named Brittany Lindsay. Twice. “Who’s Lindsay?” It’s hard to salvage an enjoyable date from the awkward apology and flimsy explanation that follow. Just go ahead and take Brittany or Lindsay […]

Guys and girls are different

I didn’t know that I’d asked Leah to get food on Valentine’s Day. I had no clue. It had been just another Tuesday to me.

What was he thinking?

He looks angry enough to push off the speaker off the stage or to start throwing those flag poles like javelins into the crowd.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pathological Liar

Matthew’s ludicrous claims would have been funnier if he hadn’t been bleeding and holding a lethal weapon, and you might laugh if you weren’t wondering where he is and worrying that he might be your kid’s P.E. teacher.