Thank you for your time and support

Thank you for your time and supportI want to thank all those faithful readers who gave me the generous gift of time and support by filling out the short survey that I created last Friday. Thanks to your thoughtful feedback, I’ll be making some important changes to gu.e in 2011:

· Clear overarching vision and mission for gu.e
· At least two posts a week in 2011
· More short snippets between longer posts
· More guest posts
· Convenient archive links
· More intuitive navigation
· Easy-to-access comments section
· More stories about my wife Megan and what I do for a living
· Facebook fan page where gu.ebers can meet one another

To recap, you can expect more writing and more surprises with that familiar emphasis on humor and desire to rethink the good life.

If you have five minutes, you can still put in your two cents by clicking on this link. If you’d prefer to leave your ideas right here, click on the quote bubble underneath the title to the left of the date and leave a comment.

Thank you all again for caring, and Merry Christmas.

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