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James Trimble – The Myth, The Legend, The Guv’nah

“You look better on Facebook.” James T. Trimble was the winner of the 2011 Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings contest. He happens to be a former roommate and a close friend, but before you accuse me of nepotism, you should know that all of the entries were anonymous, and guest judges chose the winners. James won […]

How will you risk authenticity today?

Comfort is a “spare tire.” That’s what my dad calls the cushion of fat that some middle-aged men carry around their middles. Most people tend to associate comfort with security. A comfortable job is one that provides enough income to pay the mortgage, life insurance, and other bills. A comfortable relationship is one that gives […]

Thank you for your time and support

To recap, you can expect more writing and more surprises with that familiar emphasis on humor and desire to rethink the good life.