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Enter the Warthog

My mom tells a story about picking me up from Sunday School. My teacher met her at the door and said, “I need to show you something.” Those words would make any parent nervous. Had her son thrown feces against the wall? Had he tied up one of the other kids in the class? When […]

My First Three Days on The Facebook: a Guest Post by Chris Doody

Here comes the hypothesis: Dancing with the Stars and The Facebook are popular for the same reason—people are lonely. We want intimacy and deep, meaningful interactions, but we often lack the courage to pursue them and the strength that vulnerability requires. So, we settle for fake interactions instead.


I have long forgiven my parents for dressing me like a miniature golf caddy from the 18th century, but I know the adverse effects still linger somewhere in my psyche.

Christians and Sex

* WARNING :: Read at your own risk. The following post is inappropriate for people of all ages. If you are uncomfortable with your sexuality or if a young white middle-class male’s detailed recollections of sex ed classes at a small private Christian school offend you, find another blog to read or subscribe to Joel […]

Life is like pulling teeth

At least when your uncle tries to pull a tooth that’s not ready, the pain is temporary, and you know who to blame. I’m still waiting to find money under my pillow for all the other bloody noses and ugly heartbreaks. I should have racked up at least a couple million bucks by now. I have a hunch that I’m the only one keeping track.

Secrets for entrepreneurs

Seriously, go make your mama proud.

Banana Fo Fana

Mitch and Donald Duck have a nasty encounter with the Banana Fo Fana rhyme.