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Forever Lazy

The first post that I ever wrote for gu.e was about Snuggies. Hopefully, the last time you thought about those fleece garbage sacks with arm holes was when you were adding them to the pile of “Christmas Gifts To Be Returned Without Receipts.” Thanks to Target’s unaccommodating return policy, you probably had to put your […]

The Worst Product Ever – Wear Your Dead Pet, Part 1

I have a fascination with bad products. They hold my attention like Steven Segal building a bomb with coconut oil and glass in Under Siege 2. The psychology behind the movies is straightforward: they allow me to indulge a fantasy of physical dominance and control in an increasingly violent, complex, technology-obsessed world. I know who […]

Hug Me Pillow

Regulate your circadian rhythms, guarantee REM, protect against intruders, kill roaches, mow the lawn, vacation at the beach, pay your mortgage and utilities bill, make beautiful memories, and create a legacy with your Hug Me Pillow—a mail order husband without the price tag.


Have you ever wanted to take on the road those delightful Dutch Ovens made possible by your nightly gastro-intestinal complaints? Have you ever wanted a way to capture the flatulence of your precious children and save those sweet gifts of methane? Now you can! Thanks to American ingenuity, the Peekaru provides a solution for both […]