While I was studying in Vienna with 29 other Lipscomb University students, I discovered the Käsekrainer—a sausage filled with piping hot cheese. When we broke for lunch between classes, we’d walk down to the permanent stand on the corner of Hanuschgang and Albertinaplatz and say, “Hallo, ich möchte einen Käsekrainer mit Brot und Senf, bitte.” “Hi, I’d like a cheese-filled sausage with bread and mustard, please.”

“Wien” is the German name for “Vienna.” Now you know why hotdogs are called “wieners.”

Eating these culinary delights takes strategy. We learned this the hard way, or at least one of us did. A couple of weeks into our semester, Hunter ordered a Käsekrainer for lunch. Their casings cook to a delicious crispiness. As his teeth chomped through, a stream of hot cheese shot out and hit Justin in the eye. He screamed in surprise and pain. The rest of us roared with laughter. Always point the sausage away from the crowd when taking a bite.

A month or so later, Hunter and I decided to take a day trip to Hungary once class got out. The train ride to Budapest was three hours long, so we needed to grab lunch before we got on the train. We had thirty minutes to get to the Westbahnhof and find food. Solution? Käsekrainer.

Something I’ll never forget: eating a cheese-filled sausage and running through the streets of Vienna with my best friend at the same time.

We made our train and settled in for three hours of indigestion.

[To be continued…]

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