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More Elusive Parts of Frog Anatomy

Perhaps, instead, I would place a live frog, kicking and croaking, in each pair of upturned palms and say, “You decide whether this frog lives or dies. If you decide to save its life, you must find it a good pond or river, then let it go. If you decide to kill it, you must do so at the front of the room where everyone can see. That’s the cost of being human.”

Getting even with a little girl

You might say I’m cruel. Or that I hate children. Or that as a young adult I should have been mature and exercised more patience with a mere child who was probably lonely and just wanted to hang out with the big kids. That’s garbage. I’m a hero.

Abandonment & Deportation

During the train ride home the full implications of the day’s events began to sink in.  Where was Hunter? The day had started with a good jolt of adventure, eating a Käsekrainer and running through the streets of Vienna to catch our train. Once we had crossed the Hungarian border, Hunter realized he’d left both […]

I was a Greek god

These elderly Hungarian men were pushing fabric technology and human anatomy to new limits. They were pioneers.


While I was studying in Vienna with 29 other Lipscomb University students, I discovered the Käsekrainer—a sausage filled with piping hot cheese. When we broke for lunch between classes, we’d walk down to the permanent stand on the corner of Hanuschgang and Albertinaplatz and say, “Hallo, ich möchte einen Käsekrainer mit Brot und Senf, bitte.” “Hi, I’d […]