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Using Bricks to Open Windows

Knowing how to use tools is a kind of credibility with men, like winning an arm wrestling contest or charming women. None of these is something you could put on a resume, but “I can crush this can on my forehead” is certainly more impressive than “I can do your accounting” on your average Saturday night.

You better watch what you say

I may make my living with a computer, but don’t be fooled. I own an ax.

Sweet, Necessary Craziness (Part II)

Men and women need one another’s craziness to stay sane

Sweet, Necessary Craziness (Part I)

Being in charge offers men the false guarantee of a coherent world

age, gravity, sun damage, and slower metabolism

While I was finishing up my master’s in English, I was working as a Teaching Associate. Two classes of First-Year Composition 101 made the mistake of registering for my class.  Poor children. None of them knew what to do with a teacher who knew their tricks better than they did themselves. I assured them that […]