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Opening Day of Dove Season

My friend David invited me to a private dove hunt on the opening day of dove season, September 1. I haven’t gone dove hunting in fifteen years. The last time I tried to bring down one of those aerial acrobats, I need a note signed by my parents to get out of school. My sunscreen […]

Don’t make your pony out to be a Clydesdale

Early this afternoon, I saw something that made me happy. Obviously, someone at Delta read my diatribe, “Why men should carry purses,” recognized the good sense of what I was saying, and changed the verbiage on all the corporate signage. At one of the Delta gate kiosks in the Knoxville airport, I read a signed […]

Why men should carry purses

I’d rather swagger with a purse now than have lower back problems in twenty years.

Men do not shop, we snipe

We thrive on the thrill of the hunt, haggling and dickering, campaigning for lower prices and ferreting out unbelievable bargains.

Mr. Chronic Single says he is picky

You mean to tell me that you cannot find a single attractive woman in a city of roughly 180,000 people, 46,000 of which are women between the ages of 20 and 34, not counting the population growth since the last census in 2000?

Using Bricks to Open Windows

Knowing how to use tools is a kind of credibility with men, like winning an arm wrestling contest or charming women. None of these is something you could put on a resume, but “I can crush this can on my forehead” is certainly more impressive than “I can do your accounting” on your average Saturday night.