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Getting even with a little girl

You might say I’m cruel. Or that I hate children. Or that as a young adult I should have been mature and exercised more patience with a mere child who was probably lonely and just wanted to hang out with the big kids. That’s garbage. I’m a hero.

Piercings and Bill Leftfoot

I celebrated my graduation from high school by doing things of which my parents would disapprove. Rebellion is nothing unique to me. We see the light at the end of the tunnel—freedom! No more rules, no more curfew. No more questions about where we’re going, who will be there, or when we’ll be home. No […]


It’s like Truth-or-Dare without the Truth option.

Their Best Life Now

Some of you may like Joel Osteen. This post isn’t intended for you. This post is intended for people who would like to “bless” their friends with a free gift, 30 Thoughts for Victorious Living, video streaming, weekly podcasts, and daily devotionals, compliments of Joel Osteen Ministries. A couple of years ago, I decided that […]