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Sweepstakes and Giveaways — How to Create a Successful Contest

On May 27, the first ever Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings contest came into the world. The women cried for joy, and the men slapped each other on the back and smoked cigars. I announced the winner, one James T. Trimble, on July 1, and posted some of the best entries. James will be on the […]

Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings: The Winner!

A month ago, I announced gu.e’s first ever Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings contest. People really turned up their creativity and dusted off their warped senses of humor to submit some great sayings. I asked four guest judges to help: my friends Gregg, Amy, Rachel, and Allison. They volunteered their time and impeccable taste to vote […]

CONTEST: Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

One of my regular clients is Ruby Tuesday, and I recently helped the creative team with some writing for one of the other concepts, Wok Hay. My wife Megan and I ate lunch there yesterday, and I had a chance to see some of my handiwork in the new menu. One of my favorite bad […]